Savoy Brown
March 3 2011
Nimbus Brewery,
Tucson, AZ

16 bit fileset

Multitrack on the fly live mix

Sbd > analog out > Zoom digital recorder at 24/44.1

Lineage: wav files @ 24/44.1 > Audacity for tracking >
flac level 8 and checksums with traderslittlehelper >
sample rate conversion and dithering by dBpoweranmp V15.3 > tagged with winamp
Tracking, flac, checksums, resampling, tagging info file by arfarf - May 27, 2016

Live Sound and Recording by Jamie Waddell and Joe Hardee
This is an 'as is recording', no mastering performed, 24/44.1
No memory of what recording gear or equipment used,
had to step in last minute and set this gig up. Sorta stressful.

-The Bluerays (Opening Band)-
01 //It Makes No Difference
02 Crosstown Traffic
03 Ain't Wastin' Time No More
04 Southbound

The Bluerays*
David Every - Vox & Guitar
Ross Browne - Vox & Guitar
Andy Briefer - Drums
Brad Nichols - Vox & Keys
Ron Kaz - Bass
*Note: This lineup is from 2014 and may not be correct.

-Savoy Brown-
01 Meet The Blues Head On
02 Looking In
03 Natural Man
04 Street Corner Talking
05 Little Red Rooster
06 She's Got The Heat
07 Gypsy >
08 I'm Tired
09 Wang Dang Doodle
10 Poor Girl
11 Voodoo Moon
12 Hellbound Train
13 -applaues-
14 Leavin' Again
15 Tell Mama

Savoy Brown
Kim Simmonds - Guitar and vocals
Joe Whiting - Lead vocals and saxaphone
Pat DeSalvo - Bass guitar
Garnett Grimm Jr. - Drums