Savoy Brown
Waukesha Blues Festival,
Nagawaukee, Park,
Delafield, WI

Field recording rig: Sonic Studios DSM-6P binaural mikes>Zoom H2 (16/44.1).

Lineage;SD memory card>PC>tracked with wavepad.
flac (level 8) and MD5 checksums created with traderslittlehelper
No EQ, normalization or other "sweetening" has been done
to what I hope is an accurate reflection of the master recording.

Field recording and all mastering by arfarf, 2011-08-17

--Disc 1--

)1 -intro-
02 Inst.(?)>
03 Louisiana Blues
04 Ramblin' Round
05 Street Corner Talking
06 She's Got The Heat
07 Train To Nowhere
08 Gypsy>
I'm Tired

--Disc 2--

01 -banter-
02 Too Much Of A Good Thing
03 Where Has Your Heart Gone
04 Poor Girl
05 Meet The Blues Head On
06 Hellbound Train
07 -applause & banter-
08 Leavin' Again
09 Savoy Brown Boogie

Notes: Disc change is seamless.
A proper song title is still needed for track 2.
Any setlist help or corrections gratefully received.

As always, I am offering this in hopes that it be further shared.
My bandwidth is limited, so all are welcome and encouraged
to share this on other trackers.
"Don't even think about it, just do it." -Bob Weir