Savoy Brown
The Old Rock House
St. Louis MO.

Zoom H2 > Kodak 4GB SDHC card > WAV44.1 kHz 16/Bit >Audacity > You
Taper: Hops Hopper the Beerman

Line Up:
Kim Simmonds - guitar, lead vocals
Pat DeSalvo - bass
Garnett Grimm - drums

Actual Set List Printed Set List
(as far as I can tell) (handed out at the venue)
01 Instrumental Instrumental
02 Louisiana Blues Louisiana Blues
03 Round N Round Round N Round
04 Time Does Tell Poor Girl
05 She's Got the Heat She's Got the Heat
06 Train To Nowhere Train to Nowhere
07 I'm Tired I'm Tired
08 Look At the Sun Look at the Sun
09 Meet the Blues Head On Too Much of a Good Thing
10 Lost and Lonely Child Meet the Blue's
11 ( Chit Chat ) Street Corner Talking
12 Shot In the Head Where Has Your Heart Gone
13 Where Has Your Heart Gone Shot In The Head
14 The [Savoy Brown ]Boogie / Leaving Again Needle and Spoon
15 Needle and Spoon Leaving Again
16 I Ain't Superstitious Hellbound Train
17 Tell Mama Tell Mama

Part of this year's Listening Room Series at the Old Rock House which means there was limited reserve seating (guess 100 ppl) at tables in front of the stage. Everything else was General Admission. The balcony was open to general admission and rather than sit behind the reserved tables, I went upstairs and got a front row balcony table. Not as many people came to the show as I thought would show up. There were other events about town this evening which could have kept folks away. Aretha Franklin and Jay Leno opened up the Peabody. Cowboy Mouth just down the street at the Lumiere and Rock n Cholestroll at Jefferson Barracks. Plus as Kim mentions, some folks could have stayed home pouting the Cardinals loss to the Phillies in the first game of the NLDS. I got there early and walked right in with 2 cameras and the H2. No check, no pat down, just a "hi and welcome to the Rock House". This little band has been around in one form or another since the sixties so you know the crowd was a little older than other crowds at the Rock House and I guess the staff figured we were all mature enough to behave ourselves. Once I realized the set up was more geared to "Listening" than "watching" the show, I decided to make sure I got decent audio and I only used the cameras to capture a couple of songs here and there. My friend Wayne and his brother showed up just about 10 minutes prior to the show. We exchanged pleasantries and then the show began. Only 3 members of the band tonight. Evidently Mr. Joe Whiting (current sax and vocals) had other commitments for today. Still, the show sounded great without him. Just what you would expect - Rockin' blues at its best! I think I actually enjoyed hearing the substitutes from the playlist. I really did miss Street Corner Talking and Hellbound Train. And I sort of missed Wang Dang Doodle and Jack the Toad. I mean how could they not play Hellbound Train? Isn't it like the one and only one they played at every gig? I guess what I'm really saying is that I enjoyed the show tremendously and wished to have been there listening to more music a little longer. It is too long to fit on just one cd. Since I left the wavs raw, divide it any way you want.

Do not sell in any way shape or form. Share this show freely with whoever wants a copy, but please share it in lossless form only. Brought to you in part by The beautiful Ms. Degwenn, Seltzer water with Lemon and left-over tenderloin from the bleacherfest. Don't shop at Best Buy - their customer service sucks and I feel they ripped me off so I'm telling everybody I know.

It's a live recording so it's not perfect, but it ain't bad at all. So let me know if you like it already.