[U]artist[/U]: Savoy Brown

[U]date[/U]: 2013-07-14 (sunday, the only day recorded)

[U]venue[/U]: Riverfront Festival Plaza (open air)

[U]city[/U]: Windsor

[U]country[/U]: Canada

[U]source[/U]: Audience

[U]taper[/U]: PotHole Productions Release ...#478
........brought to you by - (keith - billy)

[U]recording gear[/U]: (stealth - as always)
Church STC-11 cardioid mics => Church STC-9000 preamp =>
+10db gain => Edirol R-09HR @ 24/96 => 16gb SDHC card =>

[U]transfer[/U]: USB => PC => Goldwave (tracking/fades) =>
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(from the web)

Kim Simmonds formed Savoy Brown, one of the UK's earliest blues
bands and helped pave the way for acts such as Led Zeppelin.

Landmark songs, "Train to Nowhere", "Louisiana Blues" and
"The Savoy Brown Boogie" recorded at the famed Grande Ballroom
launched them to headline status with now music icons AC/DC and
Queen, opening for Savoy on arena tours.

A career spanning 5 decades and 33 CD releases helped Simmonds
reach legendary status, mentioned along with Clapton and Mick Taylor
in the hierarchy of England's great guitar slingers from the 60's golden
era of British Blues.

this is a "Open Air" venue, the bottom end is full of bass...
adjust accordingly........

a few photos from show included

check out the sound sample(s) below
any help with the setlist is welcome

track101 - - [7:51]
track102 - - [4:53]
track103 - - [7:10]
track104 - - [6:21]
track105 - - [4:48]
track106 - - [8:20]
track107 - - [12:45]
track108 - - [12:24]
track109 - - [5:16]

[U]total time[/U]: 1:09:48
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