Savoy Brown
Triple Door Theater
Seattle, WA
March 18, 2015

Recorded by The Phantom Taper

Source: Church Audio CA-14 Omni mics > CA Ugly Pre-Amp > Sony PCM-M10

Transfer: Wav>Audacity>Normalize>Wav

Traders Den 5/8/15

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Here we are again with a brand new Savoy Brown that many of you blues fans are going to enjoy.

This comes from the same taper that captured The Yardbirds Seattle 2014 upload.

Kim and company sound really good here and are laying down your typical blues,

that you've come to expect from this British blues rocker since 1965.

There hasn't been too many newer shows available, this will be a nice addition to your collection.

Many thanks to the taper for allowing me to bring it to the masses.

The only editing I did to this was boost the volume of the talking between songs.

Kim Simmonds(age 67) - guitar, vocals and harmonica
Pat DeSalvo - bass and vocals
Garnet Grimm - drums

01 Introduction
02 Goin' To The Delta
03 Baby Pease Change Your Mind
04 Cobra (Instrumental)
05 Pat Talks
06 Daybreak
07 A Hard Way To Go
08 Kim Talks
09 I'm Tired
10 Sunday Night (Instrumental)
11 Kim Talks
12 I Grew Up In The Blues
13 I Ain't Got Nobody
14 Poor Girl
15 Hell Bound Train
16 Savoy Brown Boogie

Total Time = 93:39 min