Savoy Brown
Tacoma, WA.

March 20th 2015

16 bit Audience Recording

Recorded by fubb
Lineage: Sony PCM-M10 External Mics>ProTools

Denied Soundboard access this night, captured by my handheld 12ft slightly left from stage.

Disc One:
1. Goin' To The Delta
2. Baby Pease Change Your Mind
3. Cobra
4. Nuthin' Like the Blues
5. Daybreak
6. Sunday Night
7. A Hard Way To Go
8. Poor Girl

Disc Two:
1. Laura Lee
2. Grew Up In The Blues *New Song
3. I've Been Drinkin' *New Song
4. Ain�t Got Nobody * New Song
5. I'm Tired
6. Needle and Spoon
7. Hell Bound Train
8. Louisiana Blues
9. Street Corner Talking (Short Version)
10. Wang Dand Doodle (Short Version)
11. Tell Mama