I haven't uploaded a show on DIME for a while, so I thought I would check in and say HI. For those interested, I've been uploading some nice Jethro Tull rarities over at TTD, but I thought I would share this wonderful show with everyone that I attended last night.

I am almost embarassed to admit that this was the first time I've ever seen Kim Simmons, but I certainly hope it won't be the last. It was a tremendous show and Kim was certainly enjoying himself as well as the rest of the band and small club crowd. The recording came out well considering it was my first time recording with a brand new deck and ran into a few unexpected issues that I won't bore you with, but the recording got turned off a couple of times at the beginning of the show, but by the start of the second tune, I had things sorted out.

The Soiled Dove is a wonderful, small club with excellent acoustics. Its almost hard NOT to come away with a nice sounding recording. I'm pretty pleaseed with the sound quality on this recording all in all. Sample included.

***** 44 khz / 16 bit version ***** (CD version)

Kim Simmons and Savoy Brown
October 9, 2016 (2016-10-09)
Soiled Dove Underground
Denver, Colorado

01.[02:10] cut // Nuthin' Like the Blues
02.[05:25] Bad Weather Brewin'
03.[05:25] Coming Down Your Way
04.[05:59] Sunday Night
05.[06:14] Why Did You Hoodoo Me
06.[10:33] Thunder, Lightning and Rain
07.[04:33] Boogie
08.[02:47] banter
09.[10:10] Poor Girl
10.[05:36] Can't Stop the Blues
11.[03:40] I've Been Drinkin'
12.[07:40] Miss Your Love
13.[10:37] Hellbound Train
14.[15:31] Louisiana Blues
15.[02:32] encore applause I
16.[03:51] Street Corner Talkin'
17.[04:56] Savoy Boogie
18.[03:39] encore applause II
19.[05:08] Wang Dang Doodle

Total 1:56:26

Kim Simmonds � guitars, keyboards, harmonica, vocals (1965�present)
Pat DeSalvo � bass (2009�present)
Garnet Grimm � drums (2009�present)

Lineage: Sonic Studios DSM6 > 85 cycle bass roll-off > Zoom H4 (96/24) (1st time used)

Transfer: Wavelab (tracking and tweaking) > Flac (level 8) > you !