Savoy Brown
Arlington TX
Arlington Music Hall
February 08 2020

Source: CA 14 Cards > Church Audio Ugly Box /Sony PCM A10. >24bit 48htz > HDD>Goldwave to split the file> Ozone 8 to master and dither to 16 Bit /44.1> traders little helper flac level 8

Taper: Whotapes
Section: Center Row: B

01 Intro
02 Why Did You Hoodoo Me
03 Sunday Night
04 Payback Time
05 Train To Nowhere
06 Living On The Bayou
07 Ain't Superstitious
08 I'm Tired
09 Guitar Slinger
10 Street Corner Talking
11 Conjure Rhythm
12 Slow Blues
13 Cobra
14 Hellbound Train
15 Savoy Brown Boogie

I don't know how I missed out on Savoy Brown for so long. I heard the Witchy Feeling cd playing in a local record store and got hooked. I have started working my way back through the catalog. I really enjoyed this show and I think the recording came out excellent. There was nothing fancy just great blues rock. Rocky Athas (Black Oak Arkansas, John Mayall) came out and played on Slow Blues and then stayed on for the rest of the show. There was an intermission after "I’m Tired" I tried to get it merged together to make it continuous. The around me was pretty quiet till the last part of the show and then the couple next to me got a little talky. But nothing too bad.