Saw Doctors And Cabin Collective Radio Broadcasts In Ireland 2010-2013
Recived Direct Form Over The Air F.M. Radio Broadcasts Using Anallog Recivers.
F.M. Radio Recived With A Whip Antanna.V.H.F F.M T.V Sound Recived On A Philips
Nicam Set With A Dipole Antanna.

The Saw Doctors were formed in 1986 by Leo Moran (formerly a member
of defunct Tuam reggae band, Too Much for the White Man), Davy Carton (formerly
a songwriter and guitarist with short-lived Tuam punk band Blaze X.

They were known for their live performances.The Saw Doctors has a cult following,
especially in Ireland, the United
Kingdom, and the United States.Three members of the Saw Doctors �
Moran, O'Neill, and Thistlethwaite - joined with fellow Galway musicians
(including Keith Mullins, a regular support act of the Saw Doctors, and former
Saw Doctors drummer E�mh�n Cradock).These became The Cabin Collective.
The band played their debut live gig on
April 26, 2013.

RTE Radio One 88.5 F.M Live 6 Th October 2010
Pat Kenny Program Studio 8 Session.
01 Well Boys.
02 Friday Town.

RTE T.V Ch1 V.H.F Soundchannel
Live 19 November 2010.Late Late Show.
03 Red Cortina.

RTE Radio One Broadcast 16 March 2011
Central Park Ney York City John Murray Program.
04 N 17 (Acoustic).

RTE Radio One F.M. Live Outside Broadcast 18 November 2011
Pat Kenny Program Galway City .
05 N 17 (Full Band).
06 Micheal D.
07 Will It Ever Stop Raining

RTE Radio Two 90.7 F.M. Live Broadcast
19 June 2010 Galway Studio Session.
Tommy And Hector Program.
08 Hazzard.
09 Taking The Train.

RTE T.V. Ch 1 V.H.F. Soundchannel Broadcast 10 August 2012.
One Night Only Program.
10 N 17.
11 To Win Just Once.
12 Same Oul Town.
13 Midnight Express.
14 I Hope To Meet You Again.
15 Downtown.
16 I Used To Love Her.

Cabin Collective Segments.

RTE Radio One Live 26 June 2013.
Morning Program Studio 8 Session.
17 Marrakash.
18 Line Fadding.

Newstalk Radio Live 1 July 2013.
Orla Barry Program Studio Sesion.
19 Line Fading.
20 Marrakash.

Interview Segments.

21 Interview With Gay Byrne RTE One Night Only Program 16 August 2012.
22 Interview With Orla Barry Newstalk Radio 1 July 2013.

Broadcast Segments End.

Transfer Infomation . T.V Direct From Over The Air F.M. To A Nicam Set.
Radio Direct From Over The Air To A Sony Dfd S33l Unit.All Ear Out (Stereo Fly Lead)
To Line In Audigy Soundforge Line In As Wav Files At 44 Khz Bit Sampling Rate.
Traders Little Helper Flac Front End Compression Level 8 To Internet.

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