Red Eyed Fly
Austin, Texas
November 25, 2006

Audio Source: SBD/CMC 10 split into NJB3
Taper: Dave Prewitt

Conversion: NJB3>CoolEdit to eq>WAV>Flac>U

01) Someday Baby
02) Downtown Chicken
03) Graveyard Shift
04) Green Onions/Cold River
05) Blood, Sweat, & Murder
06) Whoa Back Buck
07) I Can't Be Satisfied
08) Shake 'Em On Down
09) You Gotta Move
10) Satisfied
11) Muleskinner's Blues/Ugly and Slouchy
12) Sway Back Blackie
13) Long Fingernails
14) Take My Time (new one)
15) Raising Hell Again
16) I See The Light
17) God Don't Work Like A Natural Man
18) Goin' Home
19) Plow You Under
20) Been Down Too Long
21) Church Babies

SCOTT H BIRAM : "When anybody asks me 'what kind of music I play' I say depression era metal. Fuckin' a. Where's my money?"

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