Scott H. Biram
July 29, 2009
Buffalo, NY, USA @ Mohawk Place

Lineage: Core sound binaural microphones> Battery box filter position> M-Audio Microtrack II > Soundforge 8.0(copied left channel to fix lack of right)>Audacity 1.3 beta (volume corrected +6dB)>Cd wave(tracking)> Flac Level 8> you

1. intro
2. Time Flies
5. banter
6. still drunk, still crazy, still blue
7. perfect rant
10. fooling around
11. Wild Side
12. Plow You Under
13. mojo back explained
14. Mojo Back
15. ZZ Top recommendation
16. Robert Plant Comment
17. Blue Jean Blues - ZZ Top cover
18. Truck Driver
19. Van Halen/J.Lo/News update
20. Ain't it a Shame
22. banter/tape change/rambling
23. > 24.
25. "encore break" ckicken rant
26. Judgement Day
27. rambling/dream inspiration
28. Lost Case of Being Found

Total running time: 80:21

*Notes - The distorted vocals and louder parts are somewhat muffled, thats just how the show was, the quiter talking parts can also be very quiet again just the way the show went, the guy in front of me whistling well he just gets damn loud at times along with the rest of the crowd...*
**Please do not redistribute in MP3 or any lossy format, support the band go see them play, buy merch, etc... , Trade freely**