Scott Holt
2016-11-26 (Nov. 26, 2016)
The Loft
Columbus, Georgia. (USA)

(Scott Holt was Buddy Guy's guitar sideman for 10 years in the 90's)

Rivertown Blues Society Fundraiser
This was a show at a club with local Blues Musicians
Scott Holt was headliner and played with the local Musicians
Un-Rehearsed and an all ad-lib set
(these are the best, as the backup band did an excellent job)

Audio Lineage
Internal Mics > Edirol R-09HR > SanDisk SD card > PC > CD Wave/Split > Flac level 8 > TLH > Torrent > You
(Edirol R-09HR settings = sample rate 44.1kHz - wav 16bit - stereo - limiter - low cut freq 100hz - input level 30 )( Raw Transfer - No Mastering or Editing or EQ )

Set list ( Not sure of some titles. Corrections are welcomed )

01. Grass aint no greener ?
02. I just want to make love to you
03. Black Cat Bone
04. little wing
05. t-bone shuffle
06. I'd rather go blind (Lady V)
07. stand by me>medley (Lady V)
08. breaking up somebodys home
09. drinking wine spodie odie
10. ?
11. Voodoo Chile
12. Voodoo Child ( Slight Return )

(JF 83)

Recording notes: Good capture. First time with internal mics, (in shirt pocket), and I was pleased with the results. Some chatter picked up but it doesn't take away from the capture

Show notes: Standard Rocking and Blues set. Scott is an amazing performer and artist. The backup band played very well , with all things considered . Scott encourages another young 18 year old
guitarist to shine on the last song. ( passing the torch ).

Personal notes: I have followed most of Scott's solo career. I got to meet him and talk to him and acted like a total fan . (I was speechless).
Scott has played with Royalty from all genre's of music. He comes to town often, as he has a friend that owns a guitar shop and builds his amps. (O'Brien Amps)
Next time I get to meet him, I won't be speechless.

As always, please never sell this recording. I realize once it leaves my pc, I have no control of what you do with this.

enjoy the show