Scott Law and Tony Furtado
Laurelthirst Public House
Portland, Oregon

Source: Samson CL2 cardioids ORTF (17cm spread & 110 degrees) on stage (front/center) -> Canare Quad Star Cables -> Sound Devices Mixpre (MP-2) + (1) Microtech Gefell UM70S omni on stage (front/center) -> Mogami Gold Cables -> Sound Devices MixPre (MP-2) all into an Edirol R-44 recorder.

Mix: CL2 +3dB | UM70S -3dB

Lineage: R-44 -> Mac Pro (Audacity for mix and Amadeus for tracking) -> Mac FLAC

taped/transferred by Mike Albright

Set #1 (61:52)
d01t01 -
d01t02 - Love In Vain
d01t03 - Nobody Holds A Candle To You
d01t04 - Katmandu
d01t05 - By The Quarry
d01t06 -
d01t07 - Good Enough
d01t08 - Instead Of Me
d01t09 - Stagger Lee (Tim O'Brien)
d01t10 - Hard Times
d01t11 - Big River

Set #2 (40:44)
d02t01 - Mile After Mile
d02t02 - Footprints In The Snow
d02t03 - Shenandoah Valley Breakdown
d02t04 - Little Sadie
d02t05 - Groovin'
d02t06 - Aiko Aiko (Iko Iko)