Scott Morgan & Gary Rasmussen
Blues Project

Northfield Road House
Whitemore Lake (Ann Arbor) MI
Friday, 15 April 2005

This show was recorded by my friend Neil (who did not want any credit as the taper) and posted here with his permission. I couldn't find a track list, and searched my e-mails, so I am not sure if there was ever a definitive set list. Someone on DetroitMusicTrade might know.

Neil did not remember what equipment he used to record the show nor the lineage. I got this as a CD-R and encoded it at FLAC-6.

This is a pretty good show and while they do play some Scott Morgan standards, it's not what you'd expect. I would say this show is geared more towards the hardcore Scott Morgan / Sonic's Rendezvous Band collector although I do encourage people not familiar with their work to jump right in!

I don't think this has ever been posted here before, so I hope you all enjoy this great Scott Morgan & Gary Rasmussen set of blues music!