This show was taped by Neil, who usually doesn't want any credit, and can never remember what he records his shows with.

I don't think this has ever been shared on DIME before, so enjoy this great set from a great band w/ a very special guest!

This is a pretty hot mix as far as guitars go. They are loud and raw and right up front. This kind of drowns out the vocals at some points but it's not too bad. Sounds great during moderate parts. Overall sound quality is very good. This is an excellent AUD recording.

Thanks again to Neil for taping and sharing with the DetroitMusicTrade crew!

Greetings from DMT!

Powertrane with special guest Mitch Ryder
September 2nd 2005
Hamtramck Festival, Detroit MI

01. intro
02. chilly willy (is missing)
03. love and learn
04. ain't no time
05. hijackin' love
06. welcome to my nightliner
07. one-eyed jacks
08. intro of mitch by willy wilson
09. rock 'n' roll
10. jenny take a ride
11. little latin lupe lu
12. sock it to me
13. bow wow wow
14. beyond the sound
15. when you were mine
16. gimme shelter
17. devil with a blue dress

-do not encode to mp3 or some other shitty, lossy format
-do not sell this recording
-support Scott Morgan, Mitch Ryder, and Powertrane by visiting their websites and buying their records: