Scott Pemberton
Waterfront Blues Festival
Portland, OR
July , 2012

Again for this year, the 25th Annual Festival, KBOO FM broadcast the shows. As always there are some inherent problems with the broadcast. Drops, reception, etc. Have fun & enjoy the tunes, twofthrs

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�Classic rock, jazz, psychedelia and everything in between collide and fuse around the notion of discovery that jumps with ease from the composer to the listener�Pemberton is a multi-genre master and a clever lyricist who can convey fun while digging deep�
(Willamette Week)

Set List
01 Insturmental
02 unknown
03 Let's Do It
04 Insturmental
05 Let's Play House
06 Do The Right Thing?
07 Insturmental
08 unknown
09 Space