Scott Pemberton
Waterfront Blues Festival
Portland, OR.
July 2, 2015

I'm not going to be able to record as much this year. I'll try to get all the major acts and some favorites I've had over the years. Again, KBOO FM is broadcasting the show live. KBOO is an all volunteer station. All proceeds from the festival go to the Oregon Food Bank so please donate if you can. They also have a live stream on the internet. It's an MP3 stream. My set up is an old Technics Quartz Tuner> H2 Zoom> SD card> computer> TLH.

�A modern day Jimi Hendrix� � CHICO ENTERPRISE

�Stand out artist at this year�s High Sierra Music Festival� � RELIX MAGAZINE
�At a festival FULL of guitarists (Safeway Water Front Blues Festival), none played like Pemberton or was as fun to watch� - OREGONIAN

SCOTT PEMBERTON is not your average guitarist. He�s a musical nomad. His home isn�t in one comfortable bubble, but rather spread across genres. One moment, he�s shredding through the blues. Then next, he�s living in a classic rock world, or drifting melodically through an ethereal psychedelic plane. Maybe he�s leading a dirty funk jam, or experimenting with something heavier, or sitting back on a jazz odyssey.

A master showman who draws amazed stares when audiences realize he�s shredding without a guitar strap, Pemberton�s unique musical gifts and infectiously positive attitude come exploding to life, making the axe man and his band�s legendary shows on stages small and large come vibrantly to life.

The mastery of his guitar playing combined with the fun recklessness of his songwriting show that the rules of songwriting and playing the guitar no longer exist for him. Scott plays with the uninhibited joy and intensity of someone who recognizes that every time we make music is an honor and a gift. The music is hypnotic in its infectiousness � consistently challenging listeners while grounding it all in a familiar foundation of rock. Music is Pemberton�s domain. The stage is his home. And his door is always open.

Set List:
01 Insturmental
02 Timber Rock
03 Unknown
04 Dear Prudence > Kindess
05 Unknown
06 Unknown
07 Unknown
08 Elbow Grease