Scott Weiland and band
featuring Scott Weiland: vocals

"River Rave"
Great Woods Performing Arts Center
Mansfield, Mass.
May 31, 1998 (tracks 1-11)
Universal Ampitheater, Universal City, Ca. 98 (tracks 12-15)
and Late Show with David Letterman 1998 (track 16)
FM master tape
runtime: 63:56 (minutes/seconds)

Great Woods
1: radio intro :10
2: stage intro > ? 2:12
3: tumble in the rough 3:17
4: opposite octave reaction 3:55
5: desperation #5 4:19
6: Barbarella 5:34
7: vaseline 3:32
8: lady, your roof brings me down 4:51
9: mockingbird girl 4:13
10: cool kiss 3:24
11: piece of pie 7:46

Universal Ampitheater, Universal City, Ca.
12: radio intro LA :40
13: lady, your roof brings me down 5:05
14: son 4:53 (dedicated to Zack)
15: Barbarella 5:30
16: Barbarella (Letterman) 4:33

WBCN pre-recorded live broadcast >
Yamaha 500 reciever with digital tuner and wire antenna >
Nak. BX-125 cassette deck (dolby off) >
almost never played Maxell XLII 90 min. master cassette >
played on tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
a this and that production.
do not sell this recording.
share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.

there was an appearance by Scott at KROQ studios in L.A.
on April 8, 1998, although tracks 12-15 are not from that set.
not sure if those are around the time of the KROQ set
but it may be since the day after the Great Woods show,
Weiland was arrested for heroin posession.
this GWPAC set is the last show listed in etree before that.
several other bands played there before this headline set.
Scott has not played many shows since then,
and plans to release a 2009 performance from Los Angeles,
which will be his 1st live official recording with his own band.

not all these people were included in the tour, but this is
the lineup heard on the album promoted in this tour, "12 bar blues",
according to the wikipedia page for this album.
some of them appear in these performances.
Scott Weiland � lead vocals, beatbox, guitar, keyboards, piano, bass, synthesized bass, drum loops
Tracy Chisolm � theremin
Blair Lamb � beatbox
Holly Reiger � guitars
Jeff Nolan, Zander Schloss � guitars
Sheryl Crow � accordion
Brad Mehldau � piano
Peter DiStefano � guitars, bass
Victor Indrizzo � vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards, bass, drums
Daniel Lanois � synthesizers
Tony Castaneda � guitars, bass
Martyn LeNoble � bass, cello
Michael Weiland � drums, percussion, drum loops
Suzie Katayama � cello
Novi Novog � viola
Joel Derouin, Robin Lorentz � violin