~ A Hoarders Inc. Production ~ Scott Weiland Center Stage Atlanta, Ga., U.S.A. 'A StOnEd PiLoT OvEr AtLaNtA' 2009-01-19 Recorded by : TYD Edited and Mastered by : TYD Arte by : Moonwall Micro Track 24/96 w/ Cardioid Microphones>PC>SoundForge9.0 (Eq.ed & Mastered)> CDWave(tracking) > Flac frontend (level 5, Aligned on Sector Boundaries) > checked and tested with TLH. Length : Approx. 78.35 minutes for Disc 1 Approx. 21.22 minutes for Disc 2 Bit Rate : 1411 kbps Audio sample size : 16 bit Audio sample rate : 44.1 kHz Channels : 2(stereo) Disc 1 1. Reel Around the Fountain Jam 2. Reel Around the Fountain 3. Killing Me Sweetly 4. Vasoline 5. Paralysis 6. Mockingbird Girl 7. Atlanta 8. Big Black Monster 9. Unglued 10. Blind Confusion 11. California Is Where I'm From 12. Interstate Love Song Disc 2 1. Barbarella 2. Encore Break 3. Beautiful Day 4. Missing Cleveland We drove to Atlanta to see & record this show. It was really cool .. A small little joint,nice and cozy,with a cool atmosphere .. The radio station 96.1 FM was there and took pictures of the fans as they came in , and posted them on the web .. with pictures of Scott at the radio staion and scott on stage .This can be visited @ www.project961.com I was lucky enough to get a sweet spot right dead center just above the light and sound personale. No obstructions , which made for a nice recording. No security problems as far as bringing in a rig to record .. Just laid back, hit the 'On' button and relaxed and enjoyed the show. As Always , support the band and buy their Official Material .. Free or for Trade Only ! Do Not Sell ! Or Karma will Get You ! And No , Karma isn't the chick down the street ! :P Do Not Change A Thing With This When Sharing or Torrenting ! Keep In Original Form. Keep Lossless ! Please ... Enjoy ! ! ! Special Thanks to Moonwall for making the arte for this recording . Recorded and Produced by Hoarders Inc. Productions a.k.a. Theyodaddy ~ Another H.I.P. Release ~ ; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper ; generated on January 23, 2009, at 3:27 am ScottWeiland~H.I.P.~D-1_T-01.flac:fc52719966b6817689a0d1e3a5f4415b ScottWeiland~H.I.P.~D-1_T-02.flac:74fc0c59a9ffc529400abc1c22978f6e ScottWeiland~H.I.P.~D-1_T-03.flac:f9338db281c8c98cec911fc7958a8738 ScottWeiland~H.I.P.~D-1_T-04.flac:8f6eb7bea119c05b67b4b972e2c6fe46 ScottWeiland~H.I.P.~D-1_T-05.flac:10ac107ee674603e0bbd95ff606bf96a ScottWeiland~H.I.P.~D-1_T-06.flac:c3875cfbd90277f6625c9c0c0bb99d07 ScottWeiland~H.I.P.~D-1_T-07.flac:c677d5cd5c11a7ad35f1fd90a3dc0deb ScottWeiland~H.I.P.~D-1_T-08.flac:ddb48a94f40e6b27bedae08fe1e6d7ab ScottWeiland~H.I.P.~D-1_T-09.flac:cb46ab8bde96f0970839652673885b4d ScottWeiland~H.I.P.~D-1_T-10.flac:28f9efdc1aad21596789dd10d70b5250 ScottWeiland~H.I.P.~D-1_T-11.flac:4c326416a0dd8e6bc4e079000c06fc97 ScottWeiland~H.I.P.~D-1_T-12.flac:21f4a040d90ea1f43307aa5b3fa6c0f7 ; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper ; generated on January 23, 2009, at 3:32 am ScottWeiland~H.I.P.~D-2_T-01.flac:fcc16b6fdf54a9c1230f1d4155b0a6f3 ScottWeiland~H.I.P.~D-2_T-02.flac:9c2d78f1a2b46d5869dbddf471472f30 ScottWeiland~H.I.P.~D-2_T-03.flac:2d12949ee2e89460a653efa76e64c2bc ScottWeiland~H.I.P.~D-2_T-04.flac:ca6039acc4c2d337a3cb96dd0b2cf9b4