Screamin Cheetah Wheelies
Sammy T's
Huntsville, AL.

Time: 100ish Minutes
Quality: A-/ B+
Taped: Nakamichi CM300 w/ CP1 > Zefiro Inbox> Sony Tcd7
Transferred: Sony Tcd8> Optical> Gametheater XP6.1> Magix Audio Cleaning Lab> Wav> flac
Location: 25 feet back 15 ft left of center
Taped & Transferred By: MarkE


Messengers Lament
Halcyon Days
Standin In The Sun
Shakin The BLues
I Dreamed
It Aint Nothin
Groove Me
Rubbermaid Fiance
25 Miles
Slow Burn


Right Place, Wrong Time
Boogie King
Ride The Tide
Gypsy Lullaby
Leave Your Pride (At the Front Door)
One Big Drop Of Water
Now your Free (Mike Only)
Slow Burn

Here is a cool Wheelies show I forgot I taped.. This was at a sports bar in Huntsville. Fun show. Not the normal atmosphere for the band but the show sounds real good. These guys were such a fun band. I've got a ton of masters of these guys, and a bunch I never put out there. So I'll start to get them out there. Hope you all dig it!!