Screamin Cheetah Wheelies
Mercy Lounge
Nashville, TN

Time: 91:46
Quality: A-/B+
Taped: Dpa 4022(X,Y)> Naiant Midbox> Edirol R-09hr
Transferred: R-09hr> Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 24/96 > wav16/44>flac
Location: 10ft left of center 15ft back from center bungy corded to a support beam
Taped And Transferred By: MarkE

Killing Floor
I Dreamed
Backwoods Travelin
One Big Drop Of Water
25 Miles
Leave Your Pride (at The front Door)
Love My Woman
Sittin On Top
Shakin The Blues
Something Else
Let It Flow

Screamin Cheetah Wheelies Are:
Bobby Watkins : Guitar
Rick White: Guitar
Steve Burgess: Bass
Terry Thomas T2: Drums
Jarrod England: Vocals

This is the Wheelies 2nd show since the addition of new vocalist Jarrod England. He is from a band called Rufus Huff and has some great pipes. Different style than Mike Farris, but good. There are five new songs on here. These songs sound great. On this recording the band sounds real good for not really playing together since 2004. Recording sounds decent. Had a great location, just a little hollow sounding. Still worth your time and try to support such a great band as The Screamin.... Cheetah..... Wheelies.....
Hope you enjoy!,

Good to see all my Wheelie friends!!!