Screamin' Jay Hawkins and The Chicken Hawks
August 23, 1986
The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, CA

With a great band. Stereo soundboard with microphones - live matrix mix from cassette master - fairly excellent sound quality - please check the sample to decide for yourself how it sounds.

CD: 74:23
1. announcer intro + crowd noise 0:19
2. Early In The Morning 7:08
3. Lawdy Miss Clawdy 4:37
4. talk by Jay: intro to Constipation Blues 0:49
5. Constipation Blues 6:38
6. Bite It 7:30
7. Stand By Me 7:17
8. talk: band intros by Jay 2:11
9. I Want To Know 10:05
10. Jay's intro to Gonna Make You Mine over drumbeat 2:07
11 > Gonna Make You Mine 5:11
12 > I Put a Spell On You 4:12
13. Pretty Little Baby 7:04
14. Shout 5:19
15. band member outro + crowd noise 3:56

Guitar: Jack Wargo
Sax: Barry Southern
Drums: Nelson Jarvis
Bass: Cash McCall
Keyboards: ?? (not introduced)

Monitor soundboard feed with 2 Crown PZM microphones mounted on the low ceiling over the stage, 2 Nakamichi cm300 microphones (also over the stage) and one other ambient microphone mounted on balcony railing - Live matrix mix.

Dolby C Maxell UDXLII-S90 cassette > Sony auto-reverse cassette deck. Transferred with Nakamichi Dragon (Dolby C decoded) > Macintosh with DigiDesign AudioMedia III card > Pro Tools > AIFF. FLAC files (level 8) created with xACT (sector boundaries verified). md5 file created with checkSUM+.

The matrix mix tends to be ambient sounding to add presence to the dry board signal so please don't complain that this doesn't sound enough like a soundboard - it did end up a lot better as a matrix mix than it would have sounded as board or audience alone. Since the mix was done live, this is all that there is...

After this performance Screamin' Jay was mad at the Catalyst for booking him as an opener to Mitch Ryder and for not allowing him to do an encore because of a "lack of time" even though Mitch was going to do 2 sets (I would be mad too!). Anyway, Jay loudly "put a hex on the Catalyst" and wrote graffiti on a wall of the dressing room (a photo of it exists somewhere). Whatever...

To be completist, I am posting this at the same time as the Mitch Ryder sets from the same night.