The Screaming Sirens
December 30, 1985
The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, California USA

from 4 channel cassette master - Soundboard + microphones matrix mix - excellent sound quality. Check the samples to judge the quality for yourself.

I had a friend help with the set list and some of the titles are guesses - any corrections will be appreciated.

01 [1:03] intro
02 [3:37] Guilty (In The First Degree)
03 [2:44] Oh Stephen!
04 [2:16] Two Girls Gonna Go Bad...
05 [2:57] Heartbreak Train
06 [2:30] Man Alive
07 [3:44] Runnin' Kind
08 [3:10] Sweet Lips...
09 [4:54] Mr. T. Luv Boogie
10 [3:04] Brighter Lights...
11 [2:52] He's In The Slam
12 [3:20] Love Slave
13 [3:46] Dracula
14 [2:28] Head For The Hills
15 [2:05] Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)
16 [0:52] talk
17 [3:04] Rare and Daring
18 [2:42] Maniac
19 [0:30] thanks and crowd

Monitor soundboard feed with 2 Crown PZM microphones mounted on the low ceiling over the stage + 1 ambient microphone mounted on the stage right side balcony front railing > Dolby C Maxell XLII-S cassette masters > Yamaha MT44D 4 channel recorder (4 channels of 45 minutes per 90 min. tape in one direction when sensor is on back of cassette).

Transfer: Yamaha MT44D (Dolby C decoded) > Macintosh with Echo Layla audio interface > AIFF > Pro Tools (digital matrix mix, normalization, time alignment, tracking, plus a few minor clicks manually removed) > AIFF > xAct (Flac level 8 files with sector boundaries verified). md5 file created with checkSum+.

The Screaming Sirens were Pleasant Gehman, Rosie Flores, "Boom Boom" Dixon, Marsky Reins and Laura Bandit. Terrific kickass cowpunk from a Los Angeles all-girl group that got some exposure by opening for Los Lobos on this tour. (The Los Lobos set from this night was posted earlier in 2007).

There is just one released studio recording of this band configuration of The Screaming Sirens and I think it's only on vinyl! Rosie Flores went on to country rockin' fame and Gehman, not only a musician, is an accomplished poet and writer.

Enjoy and SHARE!