Sea Level
The Last Resort, Athens, GA


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01-Tuning & Introduction
02-Tidal Wave
03-Hot 'Lanta
04-Shake A Leg
05-Scarborough Fair
06-Patriotic Flag Waver
07-Rain In Spain

Probable Encore:
08-What Kind Of World

Jimmy Nalls (vocals, guitar)
Chuck Leavell (vocals, keyboards)
Lamar Williams (vocals, bass)
Jai Johanny Johnson (drums, percussion)
Chip Miller (congas)

This show came with a date of 1976-07-07. Etree has it as 1976-12-xx. I'm going to use the Etree date but I'm only certain that the year was 1976. Probably touring in support of the 1st album which would come out in 1977.

Possibly a reseed though I cannot find the original upload on the DIME bot.

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