Sea Level
Paradise Theater, Boston, MA
September 23, 1980

BBC Rock Hour #146
Broadcast week of November 30, 1980
Hosted by Lesley Palmiter

Lineage: Original pre-FM vinyl > Audacity > Wav > Flac (L8, align on SBs)

01. BBC Rock Hour 146 Intro - Lesley Palmiter
02. Sneakers (Fifty Four)
03. Anxiously Awaiting
04. BBC Rock Hour 146 Break - Lesley Palmiter
05. Commercial - Scotch Recording Tape
06. Commercial - Heath Candy Bar
07. Living In A Dream
08. The Rain In Spain
09. BBC Rock Hour 146 Break - Lesley Palmiter
10. You Got To Run (?)
11. You Mean So Much To Me
12. Comfort Range
13. BBC Rock Hour 146 Break - Lesley Palmiter
14. Commercial - Heath Candy Bar
15. Commercial - Scotch Recording Tape
16. Shake A Leg
17. King Grand
18. BBC Rock Hour 146 Outro - Lesley Palmiter

Total time 1:00:53

Chuck Leavell - Keyboards, Vocals
Randall Bramblett - Keyboards, Sax, Vocals
Jimmy Nalls - Guitar, Vocals
Davis Causey - Guitar
Paul Brodeur - Bass, Vocals
Steve Kent - Drums
Matt Greeley - Percussion, Vocals

Hosted by Lesley Palmiter of Boston's WCOZ-FM and brought to you by Heath Candy Bars and Scotch Recording Tape.

The vinyl on this was a bit noisy, but I knuckled down and pulled off every click I could find. Unfortunately there was no cue sheet, but you get a 300 dpi scan of the disc label.

Track #10 is a song that does not appear on any of Sea Level's official releases. Hence the title is a guess. If anybody knows for sure about this song, please post a comment.

Chuck Leavell joined the Allman Brothers Band in 1972, when the group moved away from the twin-lead guitar sound in the wake of Duane Allman's death. He was with them until the band had one of their break-ups in 1976, at which point he went full time with Sea Level. Sea Level's albums mixed long jazz rock instrumentals with shorter funk-rock-pop songs...and never put out a live album.

Chuck Leavell went on to play on a dozen or so albums by the Rolling Stones and also win the coveted Georgia Tree Farmer of the Year Award not one but two times.

Many thanks to draftervoi for all his efforts and providing this file set through his Voodoo Wagon blog.

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