Seals And Crofts - Mega-rare restored LP "Live And About Time" Early 1972, unknown date and location (read notes) FM, EQ'd speed-corrected and rejoined (mp3 sample included) The ONLY vinyl SC bootleg!

For source and documentation, I am indebted to the Kornyphone blog. For collectors of bootleg vinyl, this is an indispensable reference:

From that site:

The source of this recording is harder to pin down. This is not the KBFH recording from Carnegie Hall from November 23rd 1973, which had: 1 Summer Breeze 4:16; 2 Not To Be Found 3:07
3 We May Never Pass This Way Again 4:29; 4 Diamond Girl 4:49; 5 Unborn Child 4:17
6 High On A Mountain 6:09; 7 The Gate 6:10; 8 Standin� On A Mountaintop 3:24; 9 Baha�i monologue 1:58; 10 Hummingbird 5:13; 11 Foot Stompin�, Hand Clappin�, Hog Callin� � 7:24; 12 Summer Breeze (Reprise outro) 0:26

It also does not appear to originate from an �ABC In Concert� TV show that was simulcast over the radio for the various national markets (original broadcast date: 1972-11-24): 01. [3:38] Summer Breeze; 02. [4:59] Hummingbird; 03. [4:38] Hog Calling Music

Not Warner Bros Studios Live 1973: 1. Intro/Summer Breeze ; 2. Eighth Of January (instrumental)
3. Hummingbird; 4. I Threw My Drink Across The Law (Martin Mull); 5. Dueling Tubas (Martin Mull); 6. Hummingbird (show closer)

And not Don Kirshner�s Rock Concert 1973 (November 16, 1973) either: 1. We May Never Pass This Way (Again); 2. audience; 3. Summer Breeze; 4. Standin� On The Mountain Top; 5. Hummingbird; 6. Ruby Jean And Bille Lee; 7. Paper Airplanes; 8. Diamond Girl; 9. Unborn Child; 10. talk; 11. instrumental

From the faq page at �Then there is the so-called Peace Concert, circa early 1972 at an unknown location. This bootleg is a copy of the only 70�s vinyl bootleg of S&C, which features the silhouette of a child holding a flower on the cover.�
Based upon careful scrutiny of audience comments, this recording MAY come from the Agora Theatre in Cleveland Ohio. Maybe. What you are getting is a somewhat hissy and staticky radio transmission in otherwise great fidelity. The noise isn't in the vinyl, it's in the transmission. After careful consideration, I decided to leave it intact as anything done to reduce the noise severely affected the sound. In fact the vinyl as it originally sounded was quite muddy, and complex EQ had to be performed in order to bring the sound out. This resulted in even more hiss, but it's now clear as a bell. I think you'll like it, listen to the sample before downloading.

The performance is an eye-opener if you've never heard them before. It's a mixture of known Seals And Crofts tunes done in absolutely perfect harmony... with hog-calling and fiddle tunes. For many years I've had an abridged version of this album on reel with all that stuff edited out. But, it's part of their legacy.

Please note the original album cover was notorious for wrong song listings. That's been corrected and additions made. Recording levels were all over the place. Each track was separately normalized on each channel to even it out.

Here's the setlist (Runtime about 44 minutes):

Down The Road
Intro to Earth
Summer Breeze
8th January
Arkansas Traveler
Sally Johnson
Year Sunday
Conversation And Mouth Noises
Baby Won't You Go On Home

Lineage: LP-> small speed up on turntable ->Audacity ->Sound Forge 11.0 ->Click And Crackle Removal ->Complex EQ, removal of glitches ->FLAc via TLH, level 6, sectors aligned and verified, FLAC integrity checked


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