Sean Carney Band
Waterfront Blues Festival
Portland, OR.
July 4, 2007

Recorded from KBOO FM again this year. KBOO is an all volunteer radio station that has been broadcasting this festival for 20 years. There will be some inherrent reception problems and some drops in the music from time to time, but I have tried to "fix" all where possible.

Recorded from FM > Sharp MD > HD > Wave Editor > FLAC > you

Enjoy the tunes, twofthrs

2007 International Blues Challenge and Albert King Award winner Sean Carney is a veteran of the nightclub and festival circuit through his work leading his own band and serving as the backing band or guitarist for Jimmy Witherspoon, Big Joe Duskin, Johnnie Bassett, Christine Kittrell and Teeny Tucker. Carney's work has garnered praise from some of the blues community's most recognizable names. Alligator Records President, Bruce Iglauer, says, "Sean Carney reminds me of a pre-funk Johnny Guitar Watson. While he's a more traditional player, there's also a great go-for-ité attitude. Sean has a ton of energy, and he's an extremely tasteful guitar player. He's willing to take risks. Sean Carney is a go-for-the-gut player." Sean is joined by bassist Steve Perakis and drummer Eric Blume.

Set List
1. unknown
2. Bad Side Baby (fades)
3. What Can I Say (cuts in)
4. 29 Ways
5. Thant Will Never Do
6. Why Do You Lie