The Sean Chambers Band

The Blend Bar
Ridgewood New Jersey

July 13th, 2010'

Recorded & transferred By Bob Pitlak

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Thanx Sean for allowing me to record !

Great audience recording (16 Bit),excellant performance!!!

Been waiting a long time to see Sean Chambers play, ever since i
bought his debut cd "Strong Tempation" which was hailed as the best
blues cd since the passing of Stevie Ray Vaughan, naturally the blues
needed something to fill the void and along comes Sean Chambers with
Such a tall order to fill, Sean delivers a a knockout here with some
comparisons to the late great Stevie Ray, as well as Jimi Hendrix and
the obvious Johnny Winter who is honored with a couple of covers.Just
listening to Sean you can tell he is really Amazing on the guitar, but
what i noticed is how obviously deep rooted he is when it comes to paying
tribute to the great's that come before him as you will hear a little of
all of them when you see him live!

Sean chambers started out playing guitar inspired by the late Jimi Hendrix
as well as Stevie Ray Vaughan, eventually doing a Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute
before finally graduating to the big league's as musical director and lead
guitarist for Hubert Sumlin.As one would guess hooking up with an old school
player like Hubert would do wonders for Sean as he honed his craft on guitar
also expanding his repetoire learning the classics by Muddy Waters,Howling Wolf
T-Bone Walker, Freddie King and all the modern great's.

Sean's fiery guitar playin has earned him a nod as one of the best blues guitarist's
ever,as with most great player's out there today it's hard to get the notoriety
one deserves , but Sean's latest cd "10 to Midnight"is a winner as far as the blues
goes, faithfully keeping the tradition alive.

This show was worth the wait, about 10 years or so we've been waiting to see Sean
perform live, this year he finally put together a nice east coast show most shows
in the northeast, and this show being being less than a half hours drive was really
to good to be true, nevertheless i wasn't going to miss this show for nothing.After
finally getting there and meeting Sean and his band the wait was finally over.We
talked about how great it was he was finally playing some shows in the northeast,
and how good it was to meet after many e-mails concerning such.I asked if it was
alright if i recorded the show and he said o' yeah !

We had an idea what to expect seeing Sean play, but we would of sold ourselves short
because he exceeded everyones expectations there, mixing old Muddy Waters cover's like
"Chickenshack",Hubert Sumlins "Sittin On Top Of The World",Johnny Winters" Meantown",yet
throwing in some originals in between all showcase Sean's Awesome talent on the guitar.
The band he has is top notch, Gary Keith really gives this band an old school feel when
he lets loose on the harmonica. As the show went on,several tributes were made especially
to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray as Sean laced into "Little Wing", with some mind blowing
guitarwork here, followed by "Pride & Joy".The show ended with Sean doing Jimi Hendrix
"Red House" with some blazing guitar here, Sean decides to walk about the crowd playing
guitar, great way to end a show.

I have not seen any Sean Chambers shows floating around the web for grab, so if you like
the blues i highly recommend you grabbing this show you will not be dissapointed !

Support Sean Chambers by going to a live show & buying a cd etc!

How To:

The Band:

Sean Chambers:Guitar/Vocal's
Tim Blair:Bass
Paul Broderick:Drums
Gary Keith:Harmonica/Vocal's


Disc 1: 1st Set ( 67:16 ) Minutes

02:Me & My Guitar
03:Sittin On Top Of The World
04:10 Till Midnight
05:Blues And Rock N'Roll
06:Make It Go
08:You're Gonna Miss Me
10:Goin Down
11:Little Wing
12:Pride & Joy
13:Sean Thanks Promoter's
14:In The Winter Time

Disc 2: 2nd Set ( 59:13 ) Minutes

01:Too Much Blues
02:Tore Down
03:Danger Zone
04:Crazy For Lovin You
06:T-Bone Shuffle
07:Hoochie Coochie Man
08:Flip Flop Fly
10:Johnny Guitar
11:Move On Down The Line
12:Red House

***BTW, Sean is taper friendly friendly, so go see him !

Not 4 Sale ,Trade Only!

crack one open & enjoy!