The Sean Chambers Band

The Robin's Nest
Linden New Jersey

July 15th,2010'

Recorded & Transferred by Bob Pitlak

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Thanx Sean for allowing me to record!

Nice audience recording and performance !

This was my second time seeing The Sean Chambers Band in as little as
2 day's, being that i waited so long to see this band i was fortunate
enough to see them twice relatively close to home so i wasn't gonna
miss the opportunity.

The Robin's Nest is a very small nightclub,owners Eric & Robin seem to
have created a very cozy intimate setting here as blues clubs go as they
seem to have found the right stuff as they say, very friendly people and
being my first time there i was very impressed.

Sean seemed to be in a great mood as with the rest of the band, this outing
was really a differant feel than the Blend Bar show just by location and the
intimate setting this place provides.I was fortunate enough to talk to the
guys before the show about music and stuff and i'll tell you these are a great
bunch of guys as well as musicians.

About the show...

This was a really laid back show, not as loud as the Blend Bar show although
the setlist was similar, not quite the same. Sean opened the show with an
untitled instrumental headed for his next cd, followed by some great cover's
like Buddy Guy's "Shame Shame Shame, Howling Wolf's "Howling For My Darling"
mixing some original's off his new cd "10 To Midnight", before lacing into
Howling Wolf's "Spoonful" & Robert Johnson's "Dust My Broom".All Throughout
the show is Sean's ability to play the blues apparent, yet on his cover of
Kenny Burrell's jazz blues instrumental "Chitlins Con Carne" do you see a
master at work, shades of Stevie Ray here bigtime.

The 2nd set, starts off with Muddy Water's "Chickenshack followed by Albert
King's "Born Under A Bad Sign".During the break i asked Sean if he could play
some Stevie Ray Vaughan for me and he graciously agreed, so here comes a
really nice cover of "Pride & Joy" for all the Stevie Ray Vaughan Fans.The rest
of the set has some really nice tributes to Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, T-Bone
Walker, especially Big Joe Turner's "Flip Flop Fly" which has harmonica stylist
Gary Keith showing off his extraordinary skills on this one, not forgetting a
nice take on Willie Dixon's "Evil".

The last set was short and sweet featuring song's off of Sean's cd's " Humble
Spirit's" and "Strong Temptation", some great guitar playin here especially on
"Crazy For Lovin You" and "Dixie 45" which i practically begged Sean to play,
kind of a wah-wah tribute to Jimi Hendrix And Stevie Ray Vaughan closing out the
show with title track "Strong Temptation".

The Sean Chambers band is a real old fashioned blues band, honoring the greatest
bluesman with their stellar covers yet showing the crowd what they have to offer
with their selection of originals that will keep you wanting more!

Highly Recommended for blues fan's, if you don't know the Sean Chambers Band you
wanna grab this show, if you know them it's a no-brainer.

Support the Sean Chambers band by going to a live show and buying a cd etc.!

How To:

The Band:

Sean Chambers:Guitar/Vocal's
Tim Blair:Bass
Paul Broderick:Drums
Gary Keith:Harmonica/Vocal's


Disc 1: 1st Set ( 50:54 ) Min

01: Instrumental
02: Sitting On Top Of The World
03: Shame Shame Shame
04: Tore Down
05: 10 Till Midnight
06: Blues & Rock N' Roll
07: Make It Go
08: Howling For My Darling
09: Spoonful
10: Dust My Broom
11: Chitlins Con Carne
12: Announcement

Disc 2: 2nd & 3rd Set ( 65:56 ) Min

01: Chickenshack
02: Born Under A Bad Sign
03: Pride & Joy
04: Move On Down The Line
05: Red House
06: Flip Flop Fly
07: T-Bone Shuffle
08: Evil
09: Too Much Blues
10: Johnny Guitar~End 2nd Set
11: Love Can Find A Way
12: Crazy For Lovin You
13: Dixie 45
14: Strong Temptation

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Crack one open & enjoy !