The Sean Chambers Band

Brian's Backyard BBQ & Blues
Middletown, N.Y.

March 19th 2011'

Recorded & transferred by Bob Pitlak

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Nice audience recording & performance ( 16 Bit/44 khz )

Another fine performance from blues master Sean Chambers and company as they
continue to delight audiences with their repetoire of blues classics and well
defined originals!

Sean Chambers is no secret in the blues guitar world having toured and played with
some of the best in the business, whether playing as a frontman for Hubert Sumlin
or fronting The Sean Chambers Band one thing's for sure, he can play!

After years of honing his craft on guitar starting with most of the old blues classics,
Sean has evolved into a Master in his trade, after hearing him play for the first time
you will hear Texas & Chicago style blues that's obvious but throughout the show he will
pay homage to many like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray, Johnny Winter, Albert King etc. His real
knowledge of the blues runs deep as in evident in one of his live shows, always digging
deep in his bag of tricks for another way to suprise the crowd.

Sean's ferocious attack on guitar reminiscent of many of his heroes has earned him the
respect and admiration of many of the living greats like Buddy Guy & BB King, what's certain
about Sean's ability to make the blues feel brand new has cemented his place in history.

About the show...

This was my first time being at Brian's Backyard BBQ, a relatively new club that has positioned
itself to be one of the best places to see blues in the New York metro area, and from what i've
heard from the owner is that he plan's on bringing a lot of the big player's to town !

Sean seemed to be in great spirits this evening, opening the show with Hubert Sumlins classic,
"Sittin On Top Of The World ", then an instrumental which will be on his new cd coming out soon.

Basically this show was songs from their first cd "Strong Temptation" and the latest " Ten Till
Midnight" with some really nice covers played, highlights included here were Jeff Healey's "See
The Light" and Kinsey Report's " Full Moon On Main Street ", also "Dixie 45" an original instrumental
which sounds like Jimi Hendrix & Stevie Ray with a serious wah-wah groove, great show.

If you don't know The Sean Chambers Band and like real old fashioned blues, this is just what the
doctor ordered !

If you know The Sean Chambers Band it's a no-brainer, either way you wanna grab this show.

The Band

Sean Chambers: Guitar/Vocal's
Tim Blair: Bass
Paul Broderick: Drums
Gary Keith: Harmonica/Vocal's


Disc 1/1st Set ( 63:40 ) Min

01: Intro-Sittin On Top Of The World
02: Instrumental
03: Ten Till Midnight
04: Blues And Rock & Roll
05: Make It Go
06: Hoochie Coochie Man
07: Dust My Broom
08: In The Winter Time
09: Little Wing
10: Born Under A Bad Sign
11: Pride & Joy
12: See The Light

Disc 2/2nd Set ( 52:33 ) Min

01: Flip Flop Fly
02: Let Your Hair Down
03: Spoonful
04: Chitlins Con Carne
05: Full Moon On Main Street
06: Dixie 45
07: Red House
08: Chicken Shack
09: Danger Zone
10: Movin' On Down The Line

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