LDB Master Series #87

Hello, this is a collection of masters I would like to seed here. I've been taping shows for more than 20 years and have an
awful lot of masters. Most of them are in the old cassette format, some others are on MiniDisc and others are on CD. I've
taped many shows of many artists over the years, so don't be surprised if you will find many different artists taped! Some
shows are already circulating, some others have not circulated through collectors yet. But most of all, enjoy!
They all come from my masters!

Milano, Rainbow club
12 February 2007
Rai RadioUno broadcast 9 March 2007

01 Spectacle
02 Dead meat
03 Parachute
04 Wait for me
05 Smoking mirrors
06 Friendly fire
07 Band introduction /
08 Falling out of love
09 On again off again
10 Headlights
11 Would I be the one?
12 Tomorrow
13 Into the void (intro) / Mystery juice

Lineage: RAI Radio 1 broadcast > Sanyo FMT-3510L FM tuner > Audigy SoundBlaster > HD > Sound Forge 7.0 > CD Wave Editor >
FLAC Frontend (level 6)

Yuka Honda - keyboards
Sean Lennon - vocals, guitar
Cameron Grader - bass
Billy Dobro - drums

To be honest I had little expectations on this show and at one point I even doubted about taping it. But I'm glad I did.
Sean Lennon show so sooo good, and his style made me wondering what would it happen if his dad John was the lead singer from
either Sigur Ros or the late Talk Talk! Great athmosphere, quiet and relaxing, and the vocals are incredibly similar to
John's. And the music is excellent too! So don't think of the poppish Julian Lennon stuff, but rather a sweet, high-quality
rock in the vein of post-rockers, in some ways, and here you have Sean Lennon. I recommend you buy his latest release
called Friendly Fire. Enjoy the show!