Seasick Steve (Steve Wold)
Paradiso (large hall)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
13th Februay 2009

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A Dutchbird production (recording & covers)

Because of the overwhelming interest for Steve the concert was relocated from the small hall to the main large hall.
The Paradiso was packed, many people had come over from the UK to see the show.
Despite his age (Steve was born in 1941) young women were calling out his name, shouting "Steve I love you".
During the intro to Chiggers a girl threw him a note which Steve wanted to read, but he needed his reading glasses.
When he takes off his shirt and shows his tattoos at the end of My Donny the crowd cheers like they'd do for a rock star.

He was genuinly surprised that this many people had come to see him and enjoyed it immensly.
I've never seen anybody with fun eyes like his and he is a shameless flirt and charmer. Apart from that he's a true showman.

Needless to say the crowd went wild and the atmosphere was great despite the fact that Steve had to tell the people near the bar "to shut the fuck up"
more than once, but even of this he made a show.

On a personal level this recording proves we tapers are crazy, because had I been wise I'd have stayed home in bed. I had every
sympton that comes with a bad cold and had to do my best not to make it audible during the recording. A few aspirins, water, a box of tissues and
cough syrup helped me through the evening. Was it all worth it: absolutely, I'm glad I went!

Seasick Steve- vocals and guitar
Dan Magnusson- drums

Disc one
01. Thunderbird
02. My Donny
03. Hobo Low
04. Cut My Wings
05. "I need me a girl"
06. Walkin' Man
07. Started Out with Nothin'
08. Talk
09. One True
10. Talk
11. Last Po' Man
12. Sherman Cooper story
13. St. Louis Slim

Disc two
01. Intro to Chiggers
02. Chiggers
03. Encore applause
04. My Youth (SSS solo)
05. Dog House Boogie (w/ unknown singer)