Seasick Steve
Athenaeum Theatre
Melbourne, Australia
2nd January 2010

Zoom H2 with internal mics>split and normalized with nero9>flac'ed (and sbe checked) with TLH
seated 16th row from stage, almost dead centre
recorded by dalystonjohn

Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Man From Another Time
3. Thunderbird
4. banter
5. Happy (To Have a Job)
6. banter
7. My Donny
8. banter
10. banter
11. Walking Man
12. banter
13. Diddley Bo
14. banter
15. Cut My Wings
16. banter
18. banter
19. Never Go West(Cuts out)

Disc 2
1. Never Go West(Cuts in)
2. banter
3. Dark
4. banter
5. Chiggers (Pt1)
6. Chiggers (Pt2)
7. banter
8. Dog House Boogie

notes: had a few drinks and forgot to change the batteries, hence the break in Never go West. so thats where i left the cd break.
sorry about the accidental split in Chiggers. didnt notice till i was typing this. not sure of a few titles on disc one.
most of the banter is quite hard to hear. it was a good entertaining show. a small intimate venue. Steve came out into the audience to sing
without a mic during the encore Dog House Boogie and then left thru the side door.

if you havent seen Steve, you should!