Seasick Steve
Amsterdam, Netherlands

20 November 2011

A Dutchbird production: recording,mastering and covers.
Source: CA14-> CA-9100-> Edirol R-09HR (24bit/48kHz)
Recorded about 5 meters from the left speaker stacks.

Lineage: SD card-> PC-> SoundForge 9.0 (volumes, fades, dithering to 16bit/44.1kHz, no further eq.)
Track splits CDWave, encoded to flac 8 & checksum with TLH
Flac files tagged with Foobar2000

Seasick Steve- vocals, guitars
Dan Magnusson- drums, percussion
John Paul Jones- bass, mandolin

Enough has been said about the talkative, selfish, disrespectful audience.
Of course not everybody behaved that way, but where I was standing I got more than my fair share of them.

However I have to describe the behaviour of the annoying couple near me, because they affected my recording.
He was standing next to me, trying to sing along off tune, coughing in my face. She was standing behind me,
hysterical, screaming, shouting and trying to clap along, without having any sense of rhythm,
so usually after a few beats things were getting too complicated for her, forcing her to stop.
I had to think about Alejandro Escovedo's song castanets.

What was worse was that they talked all the time. I had the courage to say something about it, but all I got
was a foul mouth. During Thunderbird she noticed I was recording and she told me to move along if I wanted to
capture the show. To annoy me she shouted and clapped even harder, but like I said she lacked any sense of rhythm, so
that never lasted long.

I have edited out the worst talk between songs, Steve's talk and music has not been affected. It would have been
a waste of everybody's bandwidth having to download the talk.
Furthermore I have lowered the noise as much as possible.

When I saw the bass brought onto stage I had hopes Led Zeppelin's bass player John Paul Jones would join, which he did.

I've seen Seasick Steve twice now and much as I like seeing him this was my last time, unless in the future he attracts an audience
that comes because they genuinly like his music and not to be able to tell they've been there.

I'm glad fellow taper Ian thought despite the audience it was worth it for him. For me it was not, I left with more
bad than good feelings.
Moreover it was troublesome to get to and from the Paradiso, as the public transport in Amsterdam
was on strike and we live out of town. We live very close to Amsterdam, but too far to go on bike.
My thanks go out to our daughter who drove us there and picked us up again in the very thick mist. Only a few years ago
it was the other way around.

Disc One (01:10:30)
01. Amazing Grace (Seasick Steve solo)
02. Diddley Bo
03. Introducing John Paul Jones
04. Thunderbird
05. Banter
06. That's All
07. Walkin' Man
08. Burnin' Up
09. Banter
10. What A Way To Go
11. Banter
12. Back In The Doghouse
13. Banter
14. Don't Know Why She Love Me But She Do
15. Banter
16. Treasures
17. Banter
18. You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks
19. Never Go West

Disc Two (00:23:17)
01. Encore break
02. It's A Long Long Way
03. Dog House Boogie (w/Qeaux Qeaux Joans backing vocals)