Seasick Steve
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
18. September 2015

minimax master-series #544

Master - Audience recording
Genre: garage-blues
Taping-location: second row, a bit on the right side, about 0,86 meters from stage
Sound-quality: excellent
Ticket-costs: 27,50 �
Equipment: Zoom H4N � Sound professional microphones SP-CMC-8

info: sorry, folks, but by adjusting the level right in the beginning I had to restart the Zoom � that took about 2 minutes. So, these two minutes are missing in the first two songs � but listening to it now, I even didn't recognize that cut that much.

last time I saw Steve at Nijmegen it was an awful evening due to hundreds of chicks talking around me � I hated that. This time we were the lucky ones as no one around us was talking or taking selfies and so. But in the back, oh oh, no good!!! Steve was really pissed on about those talking and labering people who even did not stop when he talked to them personally. They only stopped half-a-second before he would have jumped down the stage and kicked them out of the Doornroosje personally. Well, done, Steve!! And that's what I have to say about this perormance: well well done!! Fantastic set, fantastic concert, fantastic evening. So much fun, so many beautiful songs, what a kind and gentle man he is. Made me smile the whole evening long.
The only thing missing or can be noted as a minus-point is that he did not take Agent99 on stage singing �Walkin' man� - of course it had to be that other beautiful long-haired �beast� on the other side.
..and Agent99 will send Fang and Siegfried over to him to show what a Harke is � if anyone knows what I mean.

Including Cover-Artwork!

Steve Wold
Dan Magnusson

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