Seasick Steve
Amsterdam, Netherlands

12th October 2016

CA14-> CA9100-> Sony PCM-M10 [24bit/48kHz, dithered to 16bit/44.1kHz]
Recorded and mastered by scdegraaf from approx. 3 meters in front of the left speaker stacks.
A difficult show to record because of the strong difference in volume per songs. Also when Steve talks his
voice is rather soft.

2nd night at the Paradiso (I only was there on this night).

It's been a few years since I went to a Seasick Steve show. The reason was the annoying, loud talking and screaming
audience, many of whom were just there to be able to say they were. I had hoped that after a few years
the new thing about Seasick Steve would have worn off and that only people who were really interested
in his music would come to the show. It wasn't as bad as a few years ago, but still there were some loud talkers behind me.

It was visible Seasick Steve has moved on: not only did he bring a whole array of fancy guitars,
his stories were fewer than before, it was more about the music.
This year a biography by Matthew Wright appeared, in which he says not everything Steve tells about his past is correct.
Also he's 10 years younger than he claims to be and his true name is Steven Leach.
It's not hard to believe Steve is 10 years younger. His body looks fit and he has enough energy.
My opinion is that as a musician and performer it's perfecly ok to blow up your stories, they are part of the show.

He was joined by a number of guests:
Georgina Leach- violin on *
Hannah James- clog dancing on #
Torre Florim- guitar on &

Setlist [01:59:33]
1. Election Rap
2. Abraham, Martin And John <Dick Holler> [solo, acoustic]
3. Talk
4. Hell
5. Hobo Low
6. Gypsy Blood
7. Bullseye
8. "I need me a girl"
9. Walkin' Man
10. Talk
11. Thunderbird
12. Introducing Georgina
13. Treasures *
14. Introducing Hannah James
15. Grass Is Greener * #
16. Talk
17. Shipwreck Love
18. Walkin' Blues
19. That's All #
20. Talk
21. Don't Take It Away
22. Talk
23. Lonely Road *
24. Introducing Torre Florim
25. Keep That Horse Between You and the Ground &
26. Audience
27. * #
28. Last Po' Man &
29. Talk
30. Dog House Boogie

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