Seasick Steve
British Summer Time
Hyde Park
London, England
July 6, 2018

Recorded by Daspyknows
Diamond VIP-Back Rail Dead Cener (Appx 60 feet from stage)
Schoeps MK41/NBox PLatinum DR-2D 24 Bit 48K

Processed using Soundforge 11, resample, to 16bit 44.1K
TLH to convert to Flac

Master 2018.62

I have 10 tracks. Don't know his material

01. Don't Know Why She Love Me But She Do
02. Last Po' Man
03. Summertime Boy
04. You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
05. Shady Tree
06. Last Rodeo
07. Barracuda '68
08. We Hate The Winter
09. Everybody Got To Choose
10. Can You Cook
11. Thunderbird

Day 2 of the taping vacation. The flight from Prague back to London was easy and
uneventful and the first night back in London was an early one. Woke up early the
morning of the show and had brunch at a cute little French restaurant. It was the
closest spot and then off to Hyde Park for some pre-show recon. First thing I
noticed was walkthrough metal detectors. Since I had lost a custom made cable after
the show in Prague I didn't have the luxury of the smaller rig. We found the VIP
entrance and didn't see the walkthroughs but sill needed to be prepared. We took
the Underground back and it took forever so I got my gear ready and took an Uber
back to the venue. This Uber driver was the opposite of my crazy Prague driver.
This guy yielded to shadows and with traffic it took twice as long. I finally said
let me out and walked the rest of the way faster. Doors had just opened when I
arrived and I beat security with all my gear. Some argument on bringing in more
than one 500 ML bottle of water but it was hot and they relented. I got my wristbands
(2) and made my way to the section. The setup was similar to Desert Trip. The dead
center back wall was open so I set down my stuff. I got to know the people next to me
and went to put on the gear and get hydrated.

First up was Seasick Steve. I thought he started early but I was ready to go. I was
not familiar with his music but I liked the set. It included washboard guitars, what
else is needed. It was mostly empty due to the heat and it being a Friday so minimal
crowd. I also noticed the sound system was really good, especially for an opener. It
was mentioned the drummer was Swedish in anticipation of the World Cup game the following
day. Until arrival I had paid no attention but I sort of adopted the England team that

During the break one of my neighbors who knew what I was doing asked if I wanted a beer.
I said no, just water. If I drank beer I would go down in the heat. After a short break
Richard Ashcroft came on. I knew one song of his going in. For the most part I enjoyed
his set and got his big hit. There was an odd rant that you just have to hear, its all I
can say about it. During the set someone I knew from the Desert Trip group found me and
motioned hello. She knew not to talk. Between sets with any changes we chatted, then
they left for food. We thought Squeeze was next. We figured they were on another stage
when the intro music to Roger's set started.

The crowd filled in as Roger's set was about to start. Not painfully crowded but there
was some work preserving our spot. Unlike some shows I knew what to expect with the
setlist. Normally I prefer that not to be the case but with Roger its fine with me. As
the set started I was absorbed by the music and visuals in a way only Pink Floyd is able
to the do. After arenas in the US I was so glad to be at an open air show. We were
between the quad speakers in front by 10 feet. If you listen with a good pair of headphones
the imaging is audible on the recording. The sound was at least perfect. I don't know
how his sound crew does it. As with the previous shows my favorite parts of the first
set are One of These Days, Time, Welcome to the Machine and Another Brick in the Wall 2
and 3 with the kids. I also thing the new material is quite good. The delivery of the
lines from Picture That "Picture a courthouse with no fucking laws, Picture a cathouse
with no fucking whores Picture a shithouse with no fucking drains Picture a leader with
no fucking brains, No fucking brains, no fucking brains, No fucking brains, no fucking
brains No fucking brains, no fucking brains No fucking brains, no fucking brains" with
London's unwelcome visitor this week. When the set concluded there was a collective wow.

Between sets the women from the Desert Trip ground came by with food and water. That
was very appreciated. I generally sneak in subsistence food for events like this since
leaving my spot to wait for food isn't worth it. We quickly consumed the food since
it was close to the start of the second set. By now is was finally starting to get
dark so the visual part of the show improved. The set started with the Battersea Power
intro. It is much more impressive outdoors. This led into the Animals part of the show
which is my favorite. Animals is actually my favorite of the big 3. Dogs and Pigs did
not disappoint. The quotes which appear on the video screen have been updated. By this
point the crowd thinned out and the only person within 8 feet of me who didn't know I
was taping was a security guard facing backwards. Money, with its visuals is classic.
The set concluded with Brain Damage and Eclipse with the lasers. I only saw part of it,
I can't look up. The encore was limited to Comfortably Numb due to curfew. I know its
the same show, but ow but it was just I could see it 10 times. I contemplated going to
the Lucca Italy show but in the end flights were primitive unless in was a very early
morning or late night flight. So this might be my last chance to see Roger unless the
tour continues back across the pond in 2019. As always, when taping in London. After
the show is pub time. Two shows down, two to go.

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