Fez Ballroom
Portland, OR

Dave Palmer - Keyboards
Bobby Previte - Drums
Skerik - Saxophonics
Wayne Horvitz - Keyboards


Source: Schoeps MK4v > KCY > VMS-02ib > Oade mod sbm1 > DAP1 > Audio Magic Presto II digital coax > AP2496 > Wavelab (resampling, fades, tracking) > FLAC

Taped, Transfered, and Up'd by Wolffman (jonathan.wolff@comcast.net)

This is some amazing avant garde shit (like the use of those two terms side by side?)

this group was pretty incredible...

Stood at stage lip with my rig all night with jam DROPPED...

This one is definitely "theme tracked". I dropped a track whenever major themes changed.