Seb's Web, featuring Randy Brecker
Live at Paradox, Tilburg, NL
21 May 2011

As broadcast by VPRO radio 6, thursday August 11, 2011
Host: Aad van Nieuwkerk


01 Radio Intro 00:18
02 Forum 07:24
03 Announcer 00:47
04 Unknown 10:14
05 Unidentified Crawling Object 07:27
06 Players Intro 00:15
07 Announcer 02:07
08 Amelia (Pastorius) 10:25
09 Unknown 11:24
10 Big Apple 10:55
11 Announcer 01:31
12 Loved You Before 08:48
13 Wristkiller 11:33
14 Summer Rain 06:05

Total time: 01:29:14

Line up
Randy Brecker – trompet
Marc Guillermont – gitaar
Coen Molenaar – keyboards
Frans Völlink – bass
Sebastiaan Cornelissen – drums

Radio broadcast (FM-cable) > Roland R09hr WAV 44100Hz/16 bit > tracked with Amadeus Pro > xACT FLAC level8, sector boundaries aligned

Sound Quality: A


* Tracking the radio show, I found some discrepancies between the announcements and what was actually played/aired. Some of the tracknames I could verify on the web, others I could not and I followed the announcer. Track 04 and 09 might either be Sergio's or Purpurama.

On earlier seeds I got some comments about my editing out the radio announcements. Although there is a lot of Dutch talk in this set, I left it in this time. The announcements are tracked though, so you can easily leave them out of a burned CD if you like.

As to the music: these guys to me are a revelation! Such a high level of playing by all, but since I always have a special interest in the "Bottom Line", I'd like to mention Frans Völlink. What a great bass-player! The Jaco influence may not be denied, but I think he has a sound and style of his own. Check this out!