Secret Sisters
Sugar club
Leeson Street
24 January 2012

Taped & Transferred by Kagee1

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01 The One I Love Is Gone
02 Why Baby Why - some technical difficulties with Lydia's guitar
03 If You've Got Leavin' On Your Mind
04 Devoted To You
05 Am I That Easy To Forget
06 Tomorrow Will Be Kinder - new song
07 Bad Habit - new song
08 Do You Love An Apple
09 Your Cheatin' Heart
10 Tennessee Me
11 River Jordan
12 I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know
13 You Send Me
14 King Cotton - new song
15 There Is A Land That Is Fairer Than Day
16 Little Again - new song
17 Tonight You Belong To Me

The Secret Sisters came back to Dublin to play a show that had originally
been scheduled for November 2011 and they didn't disappoint.

My second time seeing these very talented girls and they just keep getting

A similar setlist from the last time I saw them but with a couple of new tunes added-
Tomorrow Will Be Kinder & Bad Habit. Both are excellent and are a sign of good things
to come from the Secret Sisters.

Their cover of You Send Me is exceptional.

I've never liked the Sugar club for taping but this one turned out pretty damn good
despite my position in the venue - right at the back of the seating area which meant
I was in front of the bar. Some talking and noise from the bar can be heard but
otherwise the recording is pretty clean.

They mention that they are heading into the studio to record their second album but
they will be back on the road before the end of the year - get out and see them if you can.

Enjoy the show!