The Secret Sisters
Wexford Street
22 March 2018

CA14(Cards)>CA9200>Edirol R09HR>Adobde Audition(levels Etc)>cdwave>tlh>you

Taped & Transferred by Kagee

01 Intro
02 Tennessee River Runs Low
03 Banter
04 Mississipi
05 Banter
06 To All The Girls Who Cry
07 Banter
08 Black and Blue
09 Banter
10 Wasted On The Way
11 Do You Love An Apple
12 Banter
13 Let it Be Me
14 Banter
15 Bad Habit
16 Banter
17 Dirty Lie
18 Banter
19 You Don't Own me Anymore
20 Banter
21 He's Fine
22 Banter
23 Tonight You Belong To Me

An enjoyable show from The Secret Sisters in Dublin - their first
show here in 6 years.

Taped from right in front of the board this one turned out OK.

The ladies are in good chatty form despite being very jetlagged.
I've split the chats into seperate tracks.

For the old fashioned amongst us who still burn to disc if you drop
the intro track this will fit on one cdr.

Remember to support the Secret Sisters - buy their records, go to their shows
and buy their merch.

Enjoy the show.