Freak Valley Festival 2012
Netphen, Siegerland, Germany
May - 19 - 2012
Day # 2 - Act # 2 - Afternoon

LORD DIE recordings VOL. 018

Rec Info:
Zoom H2 with internal mics -> SD (WAV 16/44) -> HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
This is far better than the opening show of Godsleep, and of course due to the taper position. Lord Die was a bit left of me, but as I failed with the new equipment,
it's really fine to hear his recording. Of course it could've been better with external mics, but nethertheless, this is pretty listenable. Recorded at front row, just
for your information. Some fine pictures (by Lord Die) and some crappy (by Spacebandit) are included.

Woah! Short but sharp! This is great Psychedelic Stoner Rock par excellence! These young gents from Denmark put on a fantastic show with only one fault: Way too short!
As I'd watched them tuning for a minute or two and realizing that their lead guitar player was wearing a SLEEP shirt, I knew nothing could go wrong. As it was.
Pure Danish Psychedelic Dynamite! The real highlights of this show (at least to me) are on the bottom end. The track called "Men in black suits", which is very controversal
about general supervision of a government (mule) to their people, has a fantastic dreamy spacy segment in the middle part, of which I can only say: GORGEOUS! SUPER!
So..Tusind Tak! And now let's get on with the show...SB.


FULL SHOW (34:53 min.)

01. Intro (0:35)
02. Dirty going down (4:25)
03. 1000 times (5:24)
04. Could never leave (6:00)
05. Cemetary (7:16)
06. Black suits (7:16)
07. Weezer (3:54)

Setlist is attached in the pictures. Thanks to Michael from our Psychedelic Stammtisch for getting it/picturing it.
Cool homepage. Please support SedatedAngel as much as you can. Go to their shows, and spent your last cent on their merchandise. DO IT!!!

Some weird looking suspects onstage...


DANIEL CHRISTENSEN - vocals, guitar
TOMMY IVERSEN - bass, vocals
TOMMY SKOUBOE - drums, vocals