Seldom Scene

Blue Marsh Inn 1984/12/08 Brownsville PA

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Excellent sound quality show, very good quality performance and lots of rockin' songs played with fiddle, banjo, vocals.

From Wikipedia:

The Seldom Scene is an American bluegrass band formed in 1971 in Bethesda, Maryland.
Early history

The band formed out of the weekly jam sessions in the basement of banjo player Ben Eldridge. These sessions included John Starling on guitar and lead vocals, Mike Auldridge on Dobro and baritone vocals, and Tom Gray on bass. Then came mandolinist John Duffey, who had quit the Country Gentlemen two years before due to disillusionnment with the music business. Duffey was invited to the jam sessions, hit it off with John Starling, and decided to give music another try at the time when Auldridge arranged for the group to play as a performing band.[2]

tracklist unknown

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