Seldom Scene Evening Set At Gettysburg, Pa Bluegrass Festival, Saturday August 20, 2011

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Ben Eldridge - Banjo
Dudley Connell - Guitar
Fred Travers - Dobro
Ronnie Simpkins - Bass
Lou Reid - Mandolin

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2.I Haven't Got The Right To Love You
3.Railroad Line
4.Sittin On To Of The World
5.110 In Th Eshade
6.This Mornign At Nine
7.Carry This Torch For You
8.Happy Birthday
9.Big Train To Memphis
10.Wait A Minute
11.Hometown Blues
12.Body And Soul
13.Duncan And Brady
15. Its All Over Now, Baby Blue

Note: Really Fun Set - There Is A Tiny Bit Of Clipping But Very Very Listenable And Enjoyable.

Taped By Telecaster