Sunday 04 May 1980
Ole Man River's, Avondale(New Orleans), Louisiana
Audience master by RH
Sony TCD5 + ECM 990-F master> Maxell UDXLII C90 cassette tape> Toshiba PCG4C cassette deck playback> M-Audio MicrotrackII > WAV(44.1 sample rate/16bit) > CD Wave Editor tracksplit> Traders Little Helper FLAC level 8
track list:
01 (cut)Don't Wanna Know
02 Danger
03 Everyday Things Are Getting Worse
04 Three Minute Hero
05 Street Feeling
06 Black & Blue
07 The Selecter
08 Missing Words
09 Murder
10 They Make Me Mad
11 Carry Go Bring Come
12 Live Injection/Too Much Pressure
13 On My Radio
14 Train To Skaville
15 James Bond
total time 57:23

Another superb RH recording of an energetic show that will surely please any music love whether you're a fan of Two-Tone or not. Pauline Black was a natural as band front woman and sharp as a tack.

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