The Senders W/ Johnny Thunders
Max's Kansas City, New York, New York, Usa
August 5, 1978
Audience Recording By Skotf
Skotf Archive Vol. 28

Smokin' show, flacs the same as before, other files different. The JT part is really tight. Wild Bill Thompson - a chater member of the Senders starting soon after this passed away last year - superb guitarist.

I am going to try to reseed the whole archive this year, 250 something volumes of seminal New York punk, rock, and no wave.

Anything with reel to reel in the lineage is probably mono.

All the commentary was done as I heard this stuff for the first time. Tapes were marked with only artist, date, venue so I'd constantly be blown away by this guest or that song played.

Thanks to Arbuthnot & SKOTF
I knew Johnny had played with the Senders, but I had never actually heard it till this. He's a great frontman, but I don't have any problem with JT playing guitar along side a better singer. It worked in the NY Dolls anyway. Flipper's a really good singer and this is a really good combo. JT does a few in the middle for good measure. What you get here is the first set plus the first three songs of the second set. During the fourth song there was a tape meltdown. The three songs from the second set are also the first three of the first set - any setlist/personnel help is welcome! SQ is really good. Like all shows from the archive this is either uncirculated or a big upgrade with known lineage. Fresh burn/master cassette.

Johnny Thunders: Guitar & Vocals
Phillipe Marcade: Vocals & Harp
Henri-Paul Tortosa: Guitar
Steve Shevlin: Bass
Marc Bourset: Drums

1st set
01. don't mind me
02. no more foolin'
03. the living end
04. i can only give you everything
05. london boys
06. pipeline
07. daddy rolling stone
08. double cross rock
09. one track mind
10. for me tonight

2nd set (first 3 songs only)
11. don't mind me
12. no more foolin'
13. the living end

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