The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
The Bucolic Frolic Knebworth Park
This is a hither unreleased recording of the appearance of the sensational Alex Harvey Band at Knebworth, it does have a few issues as the wind was rather blustery in the morning and the sound levels fluctuate fairly frequently also there was some mic wind noise. Most of these issues have been fixed with this edit.

The taper JK writes
The deck was a Uher CR 210 it was quite good by 40 years ago standards, it was brand new and it was the first time I'd used it (apart from an unsuccessful attempt to tape a Kinks show in Paris in 74:a real bummer for poor old Ray and a terrible frustration for me; the rain had emptied my batteries and I was left with three dreadful songs including a terrible flop with Lola in front of an all-communist audience, real nightmare) I used BASF chrome tapes but left the regular anti wind foamy stuff which are great to cut the s's when you speak in front of the mike but definitely not enough to cope with Knebworth weather.

Alex Harvey
Zal Cleminson
Hugh Mckenna
Chris Glenn
Ted Mckenna
The Faith Healer.
Midnight Moses.
Can't Get Enough.
Give My Regards To Sergeant Fury.
The Return of Vambo >
The Man In The Jar.
Money Honey >
To Dream the Impossible Dream >�
Dance to the Music >
Lineage: Uher CR 210 CD> BASF cassette>transfer to digital > CD> 2013 Extract to Mac pro > Adobe audition CS5 >check for dropouts, fixed >declipping ( restore normal ) slight de-essing on sections that sounded hot ( listened back on three separate systems to check the sibilance ) removal of mic rumble and amplify volume fluctuations.
flac conversion sbe - xact.

Original master by JK to whom we extend our eternal thanks
remixed and flac transfer /sbe 2013 by godzgolfball

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