Serene Green
Godfrey Daniels, Bethlehem, PA
Feb 24, 2017

Source: Studio Projects C4s (cards) [DIN] > Tascam DR-40 (low cut filter @ 40 Hz) > wav (16/44.1)
Transfer: wav (16/44.1) > Audacity 2.1.1 (reduce HVAC noise, normalize, trim, fades) > CD Wave Editor 1.98 (track splits, export as FLAC) > FLAC
Location: 12 ft from stage, 6.5 ft high, approx 4 ft left of center
by tom

Set I
01 intro
02 Beaumont Rag
03 Diesel On My Tail
04 The Hobo Song
05 I Wanna Leave
06 Me & My Uncle
07 Big Sciota
08 Whiskey Before Breakfast / instrumental
09 99 Years & One Dark Day
10 Sharecropper's Son
11 Uncle Pen
12 Don't Think About It Much
13 The World's Most Interesting Man

Set II
01 crowd
02 June Apple
03 On My Way Back To The Old Home
04 No Whiskey Man
05 Big Spike Hammer
06 fiddle tune
07 Cherokee Shuffle
08 Molly & Tenbrooks
09 Amnesia
10 Cold Sheets Of Rain
11 Whose Shoulder Will You Cry
12 Down Where The River Bends
13 The Old Home Place
14 I Saw The Light

Michael Johnson: guitar, vocal
Cue Fisher: mandolin, vocal
Shane McGeehan: bass, vocal
Pat McGeehan: banjo [109-113, 203-205, 208-211, 213-214]
Casey McGinty: fiddle [107-108, 206-207, 213-214]
Kathleen Weber: vocal [103-104, 212-214]
Asa Wilson: guitar, vocal [105-106]

Ramona: MC
Colin: house sound

The band sang into a single microphone. There was a second microphone for the guest instrumentalists.

Due to the warm weather, the air conditioning system ran throughout the show. I applied -6 dB to reduce the HVAC noise but it can still be heard between songs.

Photo was taken from my seat. The house lighting had a reddish tint which my phone camera couldn't process. I found that the photos looked a bit better in grayscale.

Recorded with permission. Thanks to the artists & the friendly folks at Godfrey Daniels for allowing me to record!

While a recording is very nice, it is never as good as being there!

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