Session Americana
2015-04-30 @ Folk Club - Torino, IT

Taper: old97s
Audience rcording > Zoom Q2Hd > wav 24bit-96khz int. mic. > edited with audacity 2.0.3 portable > flac 24bit/96khz (lev. 0)

1-01 intro
1-02 racking through the ashes
1-03 love changes everything
1-04 it's not texas
1-05 cowboy coffee
1-06 doreen
1-07 a song for you (gram parsons)
1-08 beauty is in the eye
1-09 hell to toe
1-10 willing to be lucky

2-01 talks-intro
2-02 pack up the circus
2-03 month of sundays
2-04 vitamin T
2-05 greasy coat
2-06 yankee money
2-07 you've got to see mama every night
2-08 mighty long time
2-09 perfect tuesday
2-10 ice cream man
2-11 pancho & lefty (townes van zandt)
2-12 dark clouds

Taped with the permission from the band
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