Seth Bernard & Daisy May Erlewine, Dunegrass Festival Opener, 2008-07-31

Sterling ST-51(FOS ~30') > Tascam-US144 > PC (Sonar 7 16-bit/48kHz) > FLAC(16-bit/48kHz)

1. ?
2. ?
3. ?

Notes: This short 3 song show was played as a result of Culture getting held up at customs.

I barely had a mic in the air and hit record. This is definitely among my top list for favorite dunegrass moments. Everyone just `knew` it was going to a be a great weekend after this preformance.

2 small audio dropouts but thats a small price to pay to listen to the beauty of this little gem.

dropout at track 1, 0:51 and track 2, 5:20